Monday, October 5, 2009
HEY HEYS PEOPLE!! i've changed my blog....pls visit and comment!! oh yeah, relink me too! http://nothing-lastsforever.onsugar.com

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Thursday, September 10, 2009
got loads of stuff to blog about....but i dont feel like blogging about them....so in short, yesterday's Wild Wild Wet was damn fun! screamed like an idiot, fell AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN....got a tan mark that shows i wore a singlet....luckily Honey and i wore singlets, cos i think the others got a tan mark of the shape of their T-shirts...yeah, i got one scratch on my leg, thanks to RYAN MATTHEW LOW!! cos there was this "water playground" that are meant for toddlers, like Ryan. so there was this super short and slippery slide made of foam? or whatever soft material you call it....so he tried to slide down by the side, then when i tried, he pushed me down...then i was like "WOAH"!!! okay....so i got revenged and pushed him down when it was his turn again...no injuries, until the END!! so he was going to slide down...Jia An, Me and someone else,cant remember...maybe Ainslyn? yeah....we were trying to push him down....then FINALLY, we succeeded....but guess what? i was dragged down with him lar...the floor was rough like dont know what lar...you sure thats safe for toddlers? yeah....then when Ryan and i scratched the floor, we were like "OOWWWW!!!".....i guess we deserved it...okay, maybe just Ryan, cos we fell many times and got alot of cuts le, but i guess it was just so fun we could not stop? oh yar, there was this girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old? she went down the slide and hurt herself, then she was like "Ouch, my balls..." AHHAH!! Jia An, Ainslyn and I were laughing like crazy lar.....okay, this was supposed to be a 5-lined post....sadly, Syaiful didnt go yesterday. Lucky for me, if not i think i'll go crazier....

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Saturday, September 5, 2009
hey peeps! gonna go Grandma's house later for dinner. hahas! anyways, i bored and just felt like posting something. Apparently, someone is angry at me and minh, especially me, for "ditching" him and always talking to Ryan. Ok fine, i admit that nowadays i keep talking to Ryan, cos he sit beside me and you are fasting right? so i dont see you in the canteen, then when i go tower, i also dont see you. eh, and you admit that you also always with Irna, Hatziqah and the others right? So we're equal....During outings, like yesterday, to ShiNing's house. I'm sorry i keep talking to Ryan ok? dont be angry, especially when you're fasting. I love Brother as much as i love ILYAAS ok? Both you and Ryan are equal. Except Minh, cos i love my Darling slightly more. Anyways ILYAAS, just wanna let you know that you'll always be my best friend! I Love you, Syaiful! ILYAAS FOREVER!

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Friday, September 4, 2009
Today was fun, went to ShiNing's house and ordered Macs. Syaiful was fasting and Yat Hong accompanied him. While we were eating, they told us that if we wanna go into the study room, must tell them first....and before that, we were talking about porn and stuff....hahas! so ShiNing and i rushed into the room, but nothing. Then after very long, ShiNing and i went again..and they were watching "stuff" on Youtube. well, guess they're not that bad either, cos Youtube dont have "actual" porn. hahas! and i was like asking Ryan AGAIN, if he is gay. hahas, cos he wasnt watching it with them. oh then, Ryan showed us his primary school friends blog. its like damn freaking sad and touching. imagine seeing your boyfriend getting weaker each day, suffering more and more each day. Imagine him, telling you 2 years ago, that he has 5 years to live. and that his heart might stop anytime. Imagine him, trying to make you hate him. Its heartbreaking! but its lucky that now there's a 70% chance....hope he gets through! cos if all handsome guys like him die, i will die too! hahas! talking about all these, reminds me of Monday. Should i give up? cos its just getting nowhere and its hurting more and more each day....

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

today was super duper fun fun fun! CIP sucks cos we have to pick up litter....but Jia An and i picked none...hahas! cos it was super gross and the both of us were just taking pictures all the way! so our class finished super early and so we went to the playground to play(the whitesands park)...cos the bus will only come at 5pm...played the swing and i clashed in Ainslyn and Rajeev! oh yar, for PE today, we played Floorball! i got one bruise, cos Vanessa(i think) wanted to hit the ball but whacked my hand MIDDLE finger instead! hahas...and Hama!! you think you playing Golf is it? and you think that my knee is the ball har? whack so hard!! hahas! oh yar, so after having fun at the playground, Syaiful, Lucas and i joined the others who were on the colourful thing....anyways, i had a super hard time trying to get up lar! Jaren also...he is like so CUTE!! hahas! so Hama was trying to pull me up but failed like so many times! Then Lucas kept asking me to trust him, then he really pulled me up lar! WOAH!! thanks brother! then i dropped my phone...but...WHO CARES!?!? old phone anyway...then later, i got down and then i managed to climb back up! ON MY OWN!! hahas! and Hama is just pure mean....she pulled my by my leg and totally slided down! oh yar, she's got a kind side too! cos i hate grass...so she piggy-backed me!! hahas! so we reached sch quite early...then decided to hang around in sch till 6! super fun...better than CIP!! then we were like doing the sexy dance thing...if only guys can join Dance, then Syaiful...you 100% get in!! hahas! oh yar, so there was this part when i started kissing Minh on the cheeks, then Xena...hahas! then we air-kissed and air-hugged with the others! hahas! actually still got alot of pictures about our super duper fun days! but i lazy upload...hahas! forgive me!!

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Sunday, August 2, 2009
To My Baby Bitch, Mel:
You make me feel special
You understand me like no one else does
You love me for who i am
You were always there for me
You helped me whenever i am in need
You comforted me when i cried
You hugged me and told me its gonna be okay
You never forget to tell me you love me
You are my bestest bestest friend
You are the meaning of my life
I miss those times together Babe...
I Love You!

And this is to my Darling, Zi Minh:
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You were proud of me whenever i achieved something
You made sure i was okay before leaving
You were the closest to me during my Secondary sch life
You never left me alone by myself
You make my day
You always tell me you love me
You always stand up for me
You are everything to me
Hope to spend the rest of my life with you
I Love You

hahas.....10 You's for each of the 2 people i cant live without!

Baby Bitch!! you still owe me my birthday present, i think it collected alot of dust in your home right? Hahas!

Darling! your birthday is coming soon, gonna make a super duper present for you!!

Love both of you to the max!!

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Saturday, August 1, 2009
urghh...wanted to go and cut hair with my mum, but so woke up so freaking early and i was still asleep! anyways, sch this week is so boring! cos of common tests and cos my dearest brother, Ryan Matthew Low was absent for the whole week! so Yat Hong sat at Ryan's place, which is beside me. then the stupid fan keep blowing my paper and everything away, as usual. but this time, Ryan not there to help me pick it up! hahas...yat hong is not tall lar, so i have to pick it up myself! hahas! Brother, faster come back to sch and help me pick up my stuff lar...I MISS YOU!!and i just feel like saying...(erm...its not to Ryan)

sometimes i love you
sometimes i hate you
sometimes i wish you would disappear
sometimes i wish you were here
soemtimes i find you irritating
sometimes i find you sweet
so is this love or hate?
my conclusion is.....
my feelings for you is mixed...

lols....boredom is making me think of all of these....guess who this is to? well...it isnt to Syaiful although it kinda fits him...hahas! if its for Syaiful, it will be.....

sometimes i love you
sometimes i hate you
sometimes i wish you would disappear
sometimes i wish you were here
soemtimes i find you irritating
sometimes i find you sweet
so is this love or hate?
my conclusion is.....

hahas....and it doesnt suit...okay...i should not give any other clues or else the answer will be too obvious....should i change my blog song or not? (im too lazy)

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Monday, July 6, 2009
okay....i wanted to post the pictures today but somehow....it cant work! so i'll try again next time....byes!!

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


Saturday, July 4, 2009
10th Anniversary was a total success!!!

WOHOOO!! 10th Anniversary rocks!! it was super fun, really had a lot of fun!! after the dance and the finale.....all the dancers all ran back to the dance room and screamed like siao!! we were on the verge of crying......all the hardwork has paid off and we succeeded!!! WOHOO!! we all keep saying that we will miss each other and stuff, as if we are never gonna see each other again!! hahas....took photos with all of them, besides Tay Ying (-.-")....i dont like her. anyways, it totally rock lar!! so we reached the dance room about 7pm? then we couldnt get enough of dancing and we did it one more time....we even recorded down the dance!! this time, we didnt care if we danced properly....we just had fun cos its the last time we will be dancing it with the costume and everything!! So we took photos and everything...then Amanda and Megan left first. i stayed back with the others....then Sandra, Tiffany, Tracy and the others went down first.....so left with me, Yi Huai, Vanessa, Melrize and Shi Yi in the dance room....then Shi Yi was imitating the way Tay Ying dance....it was super hilarious lar, Shi Yi is so cute!! hahs!! then later we off the lights and ran out of the Dance Room, screaming....hahas! super scary okay....cos the dance room got 2 piano and then the super big mirror...hahas....so later, went down to meet the others, then everyone was like chasing each other lar....then left me and Tiffany, then we were like "come lar, we chase each others also...." then we started laughing....hahas! after that i started walking home, then i took out my phone and realised that Norvan called me just now.....so i called him back.....

Me: kor, you call me for?
N: where are you?
Me: i walking home now...
N: aiyah....wanted to go and find you de....
Me: lols....too late....
-then we talk talk talk-
Me: eh kor, i reach home le....
N: okay...say Hi to your mum for me....
Me: ok...byes!
N: bye....

luckily i called him lar, cos i was like so scary walking home alone...hahas!! i lazy post the photos now...maybe tmr or some other day bah!! byes!!

ps: im addicted to....."Come Back To Me-David Cook", "Touch Your Hand-David Archuleta" and the most addicted to "No Surprise-Daughtry".....thought of changing my blog song to No Suprise but im too lazy to do it....hahas....

i love you Honey, Darling, Baobei and ILYAAS!!

loving you hurts but it hurts not loving you


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